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Ashwagandha – Indian Gingsen – 60 caps

Highly concentrated ashwagandha supplement (7% withanolides) Increases muscle growth Improves sleep quality Popular for reducing …

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Highly concentrated ashwagandha supplement (7% withanolides)
Increases muscle growth
Improves sleep quality
Popular for reducing stress


Ashwaganda has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine in India. as a real panacea for, among other things, fatigue, impotence, difficulty sleeping, to support memory and in the hope of rejuvenating properties. It is an herb that is attributed many positive health effects for both internal and external use.
Today, perhaps the most popular area of ​​use is to counteract stress and fatigue. Today we know that Ashwaganda has a specific effect on the stress hormone cortisol. Several clinical studies also show that Ashwaganda has interesting properties for those who exercise. It has been shown that Ashwaganda can promote muscle strength and growth – while improving body composition. It has also been seen to have a good effect on endurance athletes.
Swedish Supplements uses 400mg Ashwaganda root powder extract with as much as 7% Witanolider in the product Ashwaganda, which is high dosed compared to others on the market.

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