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Carbo Engine – 1kg – 30 servings

Take energy to a new level with the unique carbohydrate formula CelluCarb ™ Loads glycogen …

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Take energy to a new level with the unique carbohydrate formula CelluCarb ™

Loads glycogen levels
Gentle on the stomach
Contains electrolytes
Has different fast absorption rates

Carbo Engine contains a specially developed unique carbohydrate mix, CelluCarb ™ for you who want a fast but stable supply of energy in the form of carbohydrates. The body’s most important fuel for muscle work is carbohydrates and the lack of these leads to poorer ability to perform at the top in all different sports. In Carbo Engine, Swedish Supplements has taken the concept of carbohydrate supply to a new level when they have created a unique formula made up of different types of carbohydrates and starch molecules with different complexities in their structure. Due to their unique differentiated molecular weights, they are absorbed at different speeds by the system and thus generate an even energy supply. CelluCarb also contains a carefully balanced electrolyte mix and minerals and is available in 4 refreshing flavors. Carbo Engine is excellent for mixing with eg amino acids or creatine to give a better effect of these supplements. Use Carbo Engine before your workout to get maximum performance during the workout or take a serving immediately after the workout and effectively replenish the glycogen stores in the muscles for perfect recovery and energy for tomorrow’s activities.

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