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Deep Cutz – 90 caps

Natural diuretic supplements • Helps against a swollen & bloated appearance • Supports the natural …

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Natural diuretic supplements
• Helps against a swollen & bloated appearance
• Supports the natural kidney function
• Including cranberries, millet & dandelion, among other things
• Before fitness and bodybuilding competitions where you value muscle definition.

Deep Cutz is a carefully balanced natural dietary supplement for you who want to get rid of excess fluid, for example before a photo shoot, weigh-in for a competition with weight classes or if you compete in bodybuilding. Deep Cutz contains an advanced formula with as many as 11 ingredients. These are plant extracts and herbal extracts of the highest quality with traditionally long-term use and documented function. Take 1 dose (4 capsules) spread during the day between meals with water. Using the product in parallel with exercise and a good diet gives optimal results. Remember to drink extra water while using Diuretics as it stimulates the body to release excess fluid more easily.
Some of the main components of Deep Cutz are
Dandelion extract dandelion extract which is said to have cleansing properties The dandelion acts as an effective diuretic that helps the kidneys clear out waste, salt and excess water by increasing urine production. Dandelion supplements can help you lose excess fluid by signaling the kidneys to expel more urine and additional salt or sodium. This is supported by studies showing that taking worm rose supplements increases the frequency of urination over a 5-hour period.
Mjölon is used for its contributing effect to the normal function of the bladder and is traditionally used for cystitis. Mjölonblad contains substances that in the urine are converted into a mild bactericidal substance, hydroquinone, which can counteract the growth of bacteria in the urinary tract. The plant also appears to have diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties.
Stinging nettle has many positive health benefits. The most promising and explored benefit of nettle extract has to do with its effect on the kidneys. As an effective diuretic (diuretic), urination is stimulated, which prevents the formation of kidney stones (also in the gallbladder). You should then cater for drinking extra water.
Juniper berries are considered antiseptic for urinary tract infections and cataracts and have a strong diuretic effect
Cranberries have been used in traditional folk medicine to counteract urinary tract infections. Modern studies suggest that cranberries also have this effect. The juice contains a substance that makes it more difficult for the bacteria to attach, which means that more of the bacteria are flushed out with the urine. Cranberries are also perceived by many to be diuretic
Vitamin B6 helps regulate the body’s hormonal activity – which in turn is crucial for the salt and water balance in the body.

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